Project Description

6 Monuments were chosen to conclude the trilogy 

Paris – Eiffel Tower. China – Tiananmen Square. Russia – Kremlin. United States – The National Mall. India – Taj Mahal. México – Teotihuacan. 2014/2015

Acrylic on canvas, 18 canvas 1.00 X 2.00 mts.

Exhibitions: Book 6 CITIES with autographs events in Porto, Portugal.

Observations:  After 6 Cities and 6 Religions, 6 Monuments of the world were chosen as icons of mankind.

Taj Mahal related to love.

Kremlin symbolizes the resilience and power.

Eiffel tower the industrialization.

Tiananmen Square represents the power from the people.

Teotihuacan reminds us the lost civilizations.

The National Mall brings us the quest for liberty.