Project Description

One watercolor daily and one canvas monthly during one year.

The watercolors were made at the end of each day and the canvas painted throughout the month.

Europe and Brazil, 2002.

Acrylic on canvas, Watercolors on paper

365 Watercolors : 25X35 cm and 12 Canvas: 1.40 X 1.40 cm

Exhibitions:  – Galeria Vromans, Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2003.

– Cultural center Het Werft , Geel, Belgium in 2006.

Observations:  The cities of Beerse, Mol, Brussels , Antwerp, Remouchamps, Namur, Gent and Bruges, Paris, Cannes, Nice, Deauville, Etretat, Monte Carlo, Venice, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Munich were visited. In Brazil: Olinda, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.