Project Description

A parallel between two fluvial islands with a social and economic gap of 400 years.

 Bananal Island, Tocantins, Brazil and Manhattan Island, New York, United States. 2016.

Acrylic on canvas and watercolors on paper. 9 round canvas diameter 1.00 mts. 9 canvas 2.00 mts. X 50 cm. and 16 watercolors  22 X 32cm.

Exhibitions: Not yet.

Observations: The artist took three weeks residence in each of these islands. The Bananal is 338 times bigger in territory than Manhattan with a population of 15.000 people. Manhattan, 338 times smaller, has a population of 1.6 millions of inhabitants. Bananal today is the Manhattan of 400 years ago. While Bananal has a circular society, with everybody helping each other, Manhattan is the most powerful example of a vertical society, highly competitive.